Entry #1

new grounds is great!

2014-03-31 11:38:36 by MysticVixen

Hello newgrounds community! im new to the site and so far ive had nothing but positive things to say about it, the community is very friendly and honest, and that makes me value everyones opinion so much more seeing as the whole community seems to support each other, i love the site and im so glad i joined :) Stay awesome newgrounds!


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2014-03-31 12:19:29

Heh, Newgrounds is a fantastic place. Welcome!

MysticVixen responds:

thanks :)


2014-03-31 12:36:49

Indeed, my friend. It is a fantastic place.
And remember: "The Problems of the Future, Today!'

MysticVixen responds:

so very true, it is a fantastic place and i already feel like its home on de internets :3 hahaha thank you